Efficacy of Guna MDs in muscle tear

Efficacy of Guna MDs in muscle tear

Kitty Farkas, MD

Anaesthetist, Acupuncturist, Budapest, Hungary

26 years old Cross Fit competitor and trainer during a weight lifting exercise felt a popping sensation and sudden sharp pain 12th Nov 2012. Next day he showed up at the emergency department. Ultrasound proved the tear of the long tendon of the Bipeps Brachii muscle (m. biceps brachii caput longi)


  • The punctum maximum of the pain was around the intertubercular sulcus of the humerus.
  • Swelling of the lower medical third of the upper arm.
  • Extensive hematoma around the biceps muscle of the upper arm.
  • Limited elbow flexion.
  • Palm supination was not feasible.


1st Treatment (3rd day after the injury)

1-1 ampulla Guna MD-Tissue and MD-Muscle to the sulcus intertubercularis and to the proximal end of the injured muscle. 1 amp. MD-Matrix was injected around the hematoma.

2nd treatment (6th day)

3 days later almost no pain, less swelling. Repeated the previous treatment.

3rd Treatment (13th day)

1 week later no swelling, less hematoma, the Biceps Brachii muscle seemed to move back to it is origin place. MD-Muscle, MD-Tissue, MD-Matrix was injected subcutaneously.

4th Treatment (20th day)

1 week later he started to train himself with minimal weight. He had less power but full range of movement. MD-Muscle, MD-Tissue, MD-Matrix was injected subcutaneously.

5th Treatment (27th day)

1 week later did exercises on daily base, like before the injury, with 50% of weight but he could increase it day by day. The shape of the upper arm went back to normal. MD-Tissue and MD-Tissue was injected around the Biceps Brachii muscle.


3 months after the injury he went to a competition (he was suggested to take 6 months of rest!!!). He could lift bigger weight then before the injury. He pays more attention on warming up and stretching now but he feels safe knowing GUNA therapy can give him a safety belt anytime.

After the 2nd GUNA treatment (3 day after the 1st treatment) he had no pain anymore. After 3rd treatment he could exercise again with small weights. Since the 5th treatment (5th week) he has not got any problem. Since then he does more stretching before and after trainings and he is fully satisfied with GUNA therapy.


GUNA-MDs can be very effective in case of muscle tears. In a week after his injury he had no pain he could start to exercise in 15 days and could go back to work in 25 days. This young professional sports man could safe his job and his career just because of the GUNA therapy.